Vista Flip3D style for Windows XP


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Since we saw the first Windows Vista screenshots and effects, we have seen lots of applications for XP that try to emulate Vista effects for Windows XP.

Madotate was one of the first programs and now we can enjoy that stunning way that Windows Vista offers to change windows as if they were in a 3D desktop called Flip3D thanks to this free tool: WinFlip.

WinFlip emulates perfectly the way that Flip3D change the windows, it is very comfortable, you will only have to press Windows Key+Tab and you will see how the windows are displayed in a 3D rotation that allows you to select the window you want to work on in a snap.

WinFlip assigns a letter to each window, when you will know the window you want to work on, just press the associated key and it will be maximized.

Finally, you can configure all options: texture quality, size, rotation,...
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